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Take care of yourselves NOW
Ren Faire

My dear friends on the West coast.....Get iodine tablets....LOTS!..... take one a day from now on. Keep taking them for 8 days after any radiation levels have returned to "normal" when this is over. Start taking them NOW. in 36 hours, we'll know the extent of danger. google Radiation Network for updated info. Blessings, and Gaia forgive us!

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It is bad isn't it because everyday we are hearing another explosion has happened and I'm commenting some 2 days later now. One sad thing I am hearing is that the Japan government is NOT telling the citizens ANYTHING and worst the people are not crying out! They are literally totally trusting the government! The government of Japan had been making statements to the effect of not to worry the leak is minimal, that is till today they HAD to say oops we have a leak. But they only told people to stay inside like the walls will stop radiation. But I do want to pass to you a thought and that is If Chernobyl didn't cause wide spread radioactive poisoning to Moscow (430 miles away) how are the reactors in Japan going to poison us when we are over 4500 miles away? AND Chernobyl was BIG! The point, be claim, don't panic, be rational.

Stay well friend

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